Two Minute Dose of Cuteness

I like to get the goats out and browsing as soon as possible in the spring.

Clover’s kids aren’t quite as good (yet) at satelliting as Bella’s are, but they are ten days younger.

It’s fun to watch them dash around the yard as their mama’s browse the new grass. Goats aren’t really “grass” eaters, but this time of the year, there’s not much else for them. They do love last years oak leaves, but it’s the fresh stuff that I think does the most for them at this time.

Later in the spring and summer, they have a lot more greens selection, and then the brown stuff is more of a “treat”.

Clover’s Kidding

Just a quick update.

Clover kidded Saturday afternoon. The first young buckling was head back and stuck, when I went out to check on her I could see two little hooves sticking out.

Clover cleaning newborn
After we got him out (he’s ok, the drier one in the picture above), the 2nd little buckling was born quickly.

clover and kidsClover too had triplets, and the third kid was a little doe.

If you’re keeping track, that’s 3 new bucklings and 3 doelings this year in Windy Woods.

Now we’re just waiting on Lillisette.