Spring is in the Air

One of the facts of the farm is that livestock needs to eat.  Today was my trip to the feed store, which brought home the fact that spring really is right around the corner.


I didn’t pay attention to the labels, but I’m guessing this trough is full of Buff Orpingtons.

Apparently “Chick Days” have begun at Tractor Supply.  I took the opportunity to snap a few shots of cuteness to share.


And this trough appears to be Ameraucanas.



And the final trough was full of ducklings.

Nothing says spring like chicks of all types.

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Where Murphy Gets the Boot, and Windy Woods Gets its Kitchen Sink Back

It’s been a bitterly cold two weeks here in Windy Woods.  I’ve started cutting into my reserve pile of wood, you know, the one I never expected to even touch, and it’s only February.

Pipes under the kitchen sink

Pipes under the kitchen sink

Well, Monday night the children were telling me the kitchen sink wasn’t draining, and I’m like, oy, all that food we’ve told them to not let go down the drain has finally done a number. So first I grab the old reliable plumbers helper (aka, plunger) and go to town trying to clear the clog.  It’s just not working.  And, after a while of working on it, adding water to the sink as I manage to (I think) push some down the drain, Asher points out there is now water on the kitchen floor, and it seems to be coming from the dishwasher.

Double OY.

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