Hey! What Happened to Spring?

Forget what I said the other day about spring.

front yard spring snow

A quick shot of the again snow-covered front yard.

Not only has the temperature dropped back below freezing, the ground is refreezing, and it’s snowing out there as I type.

I’m not in the least surprised, but what else is there for a farmer to talk about sometimes?  The weather.

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It’s Early Spring in Windy Woods

Not much happening in Windy Woods this week.  Biggest thing this weekend was cutting and splitting wood.

spring sunrise

Sunrise over Windy Woods a couple days before the equinox.

I think I have enough cut and split now to finish out the cold for this winter.  After all, it is officially spring.  The sun is now slightly north of straight east and west.

I did take advantage of the walk Kristen and I took along the property lines on the solstice to use the sun as a guide to walk a straight line west from the last iron that we know precisely where it is.  I’ve marked a sapling at the end of that line (hopefully well enough to find it again).

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