Introducing Ulmia

A video introduction of Asher’s 4-H lamb project, Ulmia.

My First Lamb

Hello, My name is Asher and I am going to talk about my 4-H project for this year. My project for this year is a sheep. I got my sheep in April in the evening on a Thursday. It was very windy when we got there and quite cold. We then went into the barn and passed lots of hay. Then we saw the lambs there most of them were black but some were white. I choose a black sheep whose number was 641. We loaded her into the back of the caravan, then went home and put her in the pole barn in a pen we had made.

When I first tried to train her she was stubborn and pulled and struggled then she threw herself on the ground. A few days ago I took Ulmia and Cassidy took her calf to train, first we went on a long walk. Then we took them over to some trees tied them to the trees and turned on the hose. I kept spraying Ulmia and the water kept running out brown. After a while I took a bucket of warm soapy water and scrubbed her down. Then I rinsed her off she was actually white now. We then went over to a large grassy hill and tied them  to a tree. They ate grass for a while and then we took them back to the pen.

Before I got her weighed she weighed 113 pounds after she was sheered she weighed 105 pounds. That means she had eight pounds of wool, Isn’t that a lot!