Calf, Sheep, Chicks, and Goats, Oh My!

The children have all begun their 4H projects now, Cassidy’s calf and Brennan’s chicks all arrived on the same day. So, here in Windy Woods we now have a calf, sheep, chicks, laying hens and goats.

milking assistant corwin

Corwin helping me milk Bella

I’ve avoided talking about their projects because I want them to be able to post about them, and me to not have posted any spoilers.  I do still want to keep it so that they get to tell the stories and adventures of their projects.

That said, Windy Woods is really beginning to look more like a farm these days.  And, I can talk about what I’ve done to accommodate the additions.

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Lost the Garden

Well, it’s official, we’ve completely lost the entire garden.  I’m going to classify this entire experience as a hard lesson learned.

I think we’ve also lost our entire apple and pear crop for this year too.

Last week we had 3 days in a row of sub-freezing temperatures overnight.  This killed everything in the garden, including the broccoli which I had high hopes of survival for.

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