Hard Livestock Lesson

It was a sad day Sunday here in Windy Woods. When I went out to take care of our goats, I found another doeling dead.


Apple tree preparing to bud out

This will definitely constitute a hard learned livestock lesson. Windy Woods is currently a very small dairy operation, so I had been feeling pretty good that we had two new does. The hopes were that it would be a geometric progression, doubling the number of milking does each year until we have enough of a surplus to be selling cheeses and such.

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Baby Goats Arrive

It’s been an exciting week in Windy Woods.  Clover kidded early Tuesday morning, and Bella kidded late into the night Tuesday night.  We now have five wobbly baby goats!  Three bucks and two does.

baby goats

Five new additions to the Windy Woods flock.

Clover was tricky and showed no signs of imminent kidding Monday night, but had delivered three does before I went out to feed them early Tuesday morning.  I do wish she had given me some sign.  Clover actually birthed three does, but one of them was either stillborn, or had an issue right away and she didn’t make it until I found them in the morning.

All three of them were licked clean, so it was not neglect on the part of Clover, but I do wish I had been there to help, it might have made no difference, but I’ll never know.

bellas first kid

Bella’s first kid very shortly after arrival

Bella, however, had been showing signs all day on Tuesday, and I checked on her often all evening.  Around 9:00pm or so she was clearly starting, and delivered her first buckling around 9:28pm.

Buckling number two didn’t arrive until 10:17pm and number three very shortly after that.  Buckling number two was a lot bigger than number one, though number three was about the same size as number two, and both of them about the same size as clovers doelings.

Which means Bella’s first buck is a little undersized, but he’s vigorous.

Number three had one leg back, but Bella had no problems getting him out anyhow.

Both of Clovers kids are a light brown in color, Bella had two white and one brown buck.

They’re all still very wobbly as yet, but I’m sure we’ll have some cute baby goat video’s soon.

bella kidding

Here’s a nice shot of Bella, me and buckling number one

Except for my eyes being closed, this is a nice shot of me with buckling number one as Bella works on getting number two out.  One thing that I found surprising was Bella definitely preferred to birth lying on her side.  All three of the kids were birthed with her lying on her right side.  She did work on it a bit in this position, but when she birthed, all three times she was lying on her right side with her legs fully extended.

cute baby goat number three

Bella’s third baby goat at two days.

Bella’s third born nursing on day number two. All of the babies seem to be doing well, and are starting to be more active.

cute baby goat

Picture of Bella’s first buckling at two days.

I’ll finish this post off with a picture of Bella’s firstborn, isn’t he cute!