It’s a Done Deal, Bear

It feels almost unreal now, but we really own our little house in the country. In just a few weeks we'll be moving in!

The past week has been a real whirlwind – it felt like today would never come, but now it has come and gone!

Yesterday was Honor's first birthday, and I think it was a great day for our family. We had the final walkthrough of our property and that was just really enjoyable. We took the time to walk around the front acreage, which we really hadn't done yet. We're still not sure if a neighbor may have a garden plot a little on our acreage, so a survey will be a priority in the next year or so.

Jim, the seller, was there and he showed us several things about our new home. He showed us how to use the wood stove and the hot tub, which was really nice. His wife, Nancy, says the stove keeps the house really cozy. He also showed Scott how to hook up the plow and work the plow truck. That's great for when winter arrives! Eventually I would like to be able to try it, I think, though not have it be my regular job 😉

Jim and his wife Nancy are so nice. They have some toy tractors and trucks in the pole barn – there for grand kids – they are going to leave those for our children. I think they're taking a lot of joy in knowing that our kids will be there to enjoy the land.

We also found out that the six trees in front of the house are fruit trees. Two are pear trees and four are apple trees. The pears this year won't bear fruit due to the late frosts after a spring that got really warm early. Hopefully next year we'll get pears and apples from the apple trees.


After we finished up at the house, we drove into our new village, Fife Lake. It's very small, but has a nice little park and public beach on Fife Lake itself. We had a picnic lunch at the edge of the lake. It was incredibly windy yesterday, but still a lot of fun.

We found that there are several little restaurants and a hardware store in the village. We also stopped by the library. I was really impressed with the library and can't wait to take the kids there from time to time. I can see it being a nice place to go in the winter when there's not as much to do around the homestead.

After leaving Fife Lake we drove into Kingsley, which has a nice sized grocery store. The grocer is 10 minutes from our house and carries our favorite full-fat Greek yogurt, FAGE! That's good because I need it right now. I do most of my shopping at Sam's but usually buy produce at the local grocer in the winter (it's usually coming from the garden or CSA in the summer). It's a nice-sized store, open 7-11, so it should be suitable for any immediate needs.


This morning we closed on our new home. I was really nervous but it went nice and smoothly. I'm so happy that everyone was on friendly terms. We met the seller's agent, Sam, and I liked him, too. It was a good experience all around.

We had to sign so much and things got confusing talking about homestead exemption stuff, but all in all it went really smoothly. We had seen all the paperwork before, but having the title company officer go over it with me was nice because it cleared up a little I was confused over.

I'll admit that I don't like the thought of having a mortgage, even for a little bit, but I feel like we have made wise choices and we have been very blessed every step of the way. As long as we continue to be prudent and wise with our money, and dedicated to a quick payoff, I believe we will continue to see blessings.

My biggest hope is that will we use this opportunity to help our children grow into good men and women, who love their family, work hard, and I hope they accept the gift of Christ, too.

Kicked Out!

We were shocked to get a call just before 1pm that an agent wanted to show our current house already!!! It was just listed on the MLS last night. We quickly cleaned up from lunch, straightened, and headed out.

I truly hope it sells quickly, and we get some more calls like that for very interested buyers 🙂

Just wanted to add, the bear will be leaving with Nancy and Jim 🙂


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