The Many Moods of Cassidy

Kristen and I have long talked about getting sturdy digital cameras for the children, and they arrived Saturday. In this post I’ll put up pictures taken by our eldest daughter, Cassidy (10).

We decided on the Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera. Blue for all of them, because we’ve learned that it’s just better that they all be exactly the same. The only difference is that each camera has their name written on the bottom in permanent marker.

I never realized before just how always in motion Cassidy is.

I'll start out with a selection of her not blurry pictures, and finish up with a montage of self portraits that she took today while I was at work.

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Bonnie Burgess

Love the pinecone and the rocks. Cassidy sure showed many of her moods!

Kat Eldred

I really love all the self-portraits. They are so COOL! Cassidy – you are growing into such a lovely, and fun, young lady. Love the experimentation. Just. Lovely.

Diane Schumacher

Cassidy, you are your Mama’s daughter :-).

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