Happy Anniversary Windy Woods

Better late than never, right? Because, well, this post is a month late 😉

The house itself is about 17 years old, but it has been Windy Woods for a year now – our home. We celebrated our anniversary / Windy Woods' birthday last month with decorations and really tasty dinner.

I was in the midst of a huge affiliate promotion for my business at that point, and then promptly got super sick. I feel like I”ve gotten close to nothing done since that point, though in reality I have. Just not as much as I'd like 🙂

Here are some of the anniversary decorations the kids did:



As you've seen from Scott's posts, we have a wide variety of projects going on right now. I have projects going on too, but mine never look as glamorous as his… I'm cleaning the pole barn (it will look glamorous when I get done, I suppose), and moving things into more “permanent” storage in the part of the garage where the van doesn't live and the chicks don't live.

I'm also doing a lot of research for what we get for the farm. We just ordered electronet fencing for the chicks, so they'll be able to truly free range. Hopefully with that we are pretty set for the next decade, at least with the major chick supplies :p

Cattle research is a big thing too. I hope our next purchases will be a Great Pyrenees puppy, and after him/her, a Dexter cow. I'm pretty sure we've decided on Dexters over Jersey due to their small size, which will make just about an appropriate milk level for our family. Dexters still have a high cream content, similar to Jersey cows, and they are very hardy.

Talking about the cow also reminds me that the kids and I are having some kitchen adventures right now. We've been getting consistent with soaking grains / seeds (for the kids only), and we're starting to make dairy kefir. I'll admit I feel really nervous about the kefir but so far it seems to be turning out well! I'm also doing a lot of tweaking to meet the various food needs of everyone in the house (Scott is on a ketogenic diet, I'm trying to eat well for nursing while not eating “kid food” with quite as much abandon as, well, the kids, and the kids are eating tons of everything – protein, fat, fruit, veggie, and properly prepared carb :p)

Scott helped me get sauerkraut going this week so hopefully I'll stay on top of that, and I want to try kimchee this year, too.

The garden is doing okay, but not optimally. I made mistakes this year that are part of learning, and got really sick during a critical weeding week – but I think we'll get pumpkins and tomatoes 😉

Okay, I don't want to make this a totally overwhelming stream-of-consciousness post, so I'll wrap things up.

Hopefully I'll blog more about our kitchen adventures and more thoughts on the working animals we hope to get. And I'm also hoping to redesign this website, once I finally finish redesigning two of the LLC's websites. Maybe by winter 😉 ?



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