Going to the Fair …

Well, actually gone to the fair, since the Northwest Michigan Fair was a couple weeks ago.

I thought I would go ahead and post a few photos from the fair, and give anyone from the region an earworm. Going to the fair, going to the fair, going to the Northwest Michigan Fair … hehe. I don't watch TV or listen to the radio anymore, are they still using that jingle?

Taking this picture with the bear at the entrance has almost become a tradition. Another tradition is apparently not managing to get everyone to smile for the picture!

A shot (or a dozen of them) of Galen with a beloved tractor is also the norm for a Burgess family trip to the NW Michigan fair.

Galen again. I thought this sculpture carved from a single log was just awesome. Very “Flintsone” looking.

Rescue 911 Asher driving the ambulance.

Hmm … have I mentioned, Galen loves tractors?

I'm betting there's a tractor in the direction Galen is running!

Galen's new passion? He seemed to be really taken with the goats and sheep at the fair this year. Keep in mind that this post is a little out of order, so the trip to Grandma Evei's is still in Galen's future.

And here you were thinking all the pictures were going to be of Galen. Honor enjoyed the fair too, mostly as a passenger on her personal pony, me!

I must admit that in writing this post, I have noticed that most of the pictures are of Galen. I suppose that's what happens when the cameraman is tail end charlie and following the slowest on foot member of the family.

Being the person behind the camera leaves me out of most of the shots, but I did manage to push Kristen into the shot once in awhile.

Another traditional fair photo op.

A photo just doesn't give you the true impression of the size of these chickens! Here's a closeup of a buff orpington cock. What a beauty! I was truly amazed at the size of the full grown orpingtons we saw at the fair. Ours are definitely still chicks, despite how much they've grown in the two months we've had them.

Interesting use of a feed bag. We have been saving ours, in case there's something we could use them for, even if it was only to let the kids sack race, but this looks like an even better project. The feed bags are surprisingly sturdy bags, which is why I was hanging on to them. Now we have an idea of one use at least.

Did I mention that Galen seems to be really taken with the sheep and goats?

Well, that's all the pictures I'm going to post for now.

Going to the fair this year was a lot different than it has been in years past. We've always enjoyed it, especially the livestock, but this year just seemed so much better.

I suppose that's because we finally have livestock of our own, so it adds a little meaning to all the displays.

Even the feedbags that were crafted into handbags had more meaning now that we've been building a collection of empty feedbags ourselves.

As per usual, kids day at the fair is also the day that the pigs are being judged, so we didn't get to walk through the pig barn again. Sadly, the cow barn was also closed this year.


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