It’s Early Spring in Windy Woods

Not much happening in Windy Woods this week.  Biggest thing this weekend was cutting and splitting wood.

spring sunrise

Sunrise over Windy Woods a couple days before the equinox.

I think I have enough cut and split now to finish out the cold for this winter.  After all, it is officially spring.  The sun is now slightly north of straight east and west.

I did take advantage of the walk Kristen and I took along the property lines on the solstice to use the sun as a guide to walk a straight line west from the last iron that we know precisely where it is.  I've marked a sapling at the end of that line (hopefully well enough to find it again).

I'll use that as a starting point to search for that last hidden iron.

Thinking about using the sun as a guide, moving to the farm has made me understand a lot better why our ancestors were so connected to the movements of sun, moon and stars.  So much about the farm experience depends on the seasons and cycles.

As  well as fencing, it's time to seriously begin to think about planting.  Last frost in our area is around the first week of June, however, I'm hoping to do some hot boxes with old windows we've collected over the last 3 years and just been piling up in the pole-barn.

I've looked at a lot of plans for them, and I really hope that using them will solve the problem we have had in years past of trying to start indoors.  It just hasn't worked.

I think the air inside the house is just too dry, especially with a wood stove for heat.  We never manage to keep the water pot on the stove filled.

The driveway has finally dried out (mostly).  It's no longer like a monster truck rally trying to pull up to the garage.

Cassidy is chomping at the bit to hose down the vans.  I want to let her, the mud is pretty thick on them, but I also don't want her losing any fingers or toes to frostbite, it's still cold out!  Brrrr!

Oh, I haven't gotten out the chicken fence yet.  Relatively warm all week last week, regularly in the low to mid 40's, and then dropped back below freezing for the weekend, and actually snowed a bit.  Chickens don't mind, but the fencing does.  Snow can ground it out, which makes it useless.

I have a feeling that spring chores are going to hit us all in a rush.  Reminds me of the Air Force, hurry up and wait.

On a very positive note, the children have really been enjoying being able to get outside.  Corwin is so cute, any time Honor and Galen get permission to go out, he runs and brings me his shoes and wants to go too.  It's nice to finally be able to let him.

I just hope this warm spell doesn't trick the apple and pear trees into blooming too early, we're sure to get at least one more hard freeze before spring really gets here sometime in May.

Speaking of kids, our does are looking extremely plump.  We've started searching for and watching videos from other goat people to show us what to watch for, and how to prepare for kidding.

I'm not seeing signs of imminent kidding, at least from what I've seen on the videos, but the excitement is starting to build on that front too.  The earliest I expect to see baby goats is in two weeks.

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