The Kids Have Been Named

May 5, 2015

It was a quiet weekend in Windy Woods, the elder children were all off at a 4H event all day Saturday, leaving me with just Honor and Corwin. We had a good time cleaning out the temporary pen that I had put into the pole barn.

This was basically the first hoop coop that I had built that I had rolled into the barn to separate Bella and the boys from Clover and Lilisette.

Which reminds me, I don't think I've mentioned the kids names before.



Our little doe we've named Lilisette, as she is a dancer like her mother. A beautiful dainty little doe that we have high hopes for.

Bella's boys are, in order of birth, Mr. Spock, Rocket, and Blackberry.

mr spock

Mr. Spock

Mr. Spock was first-born and the smallest of the group. He get's his name from the fact that our children are currently Star Trek obsessed, and he's got perfect eyebrows for it.

rocket.jpgRocket, well, he's a rocket. All the kids move fast, I still need to get some video of it, but Rocket is shaping up to be the leader of the gang. Always rocketing out in front.  The most distinctive difference between him and Lilisette is his boots.



Last is Blackberry, which is what Galen was insisting, even before he was born, was going to be the name of his pack-goat. It's also appropriate, as he has a large dark stain right on the top of his head.

Mr. Spock and Blackberry also both have boots, mostly white fur, and eyebrows.  The biggest visual difference is the black splotch on Blackberry's head, and the fact that Mr. Spock is about half the size of any of the other kids.

Our does are currently producing copious amounts of milk. I'm thinking we need to learn how to turn that milk into cheese really soon. The morning milking is giving us a gallon a day, and the evening another quart to half-gallon.

We've decided to separate the ladies from their kids overnight, which is why we get a large milking in the morning. We've also decided to let the kids nurse directly from the does and not bottle feed them.

This choice has led to one interesting phenomenon. Bella is pretty much nursed dry before the evening milking, which is a good thing. I get maybe a quarter cup from her in the evenings, milking her more to make sure her udder is clear and clean before bed. I also check for possible injury, etc.

Clover, however, only has one surviving kid to nurse, and will give us somewhere between a quart and a half-gallon for the evening milking. Again, I'm cleaning, and checking for injury. And, making sure she's cleared out before bedding her down for the night.

One thing that's a little funny about Clover and only one kid nursing, she's always lopsided for the evening nursing. Apparently Lilisette only nurses out of one side.

I'm curious now if that's true for Bella too. The boys are always a mad scramble for nursing, since there are 3 of them, and only 2 milking stations. But, I am now wondering if they too favor one side over the other. It would take some careful monitoring to see who nurses where to figure it out.

In other news, I've activated the e-mail system for the blog posts.  So, if you don't want to miss out on a blog post, sign up on the little form in the sidebar, and you'll receive an e-mail when a new post goes up.  I know Facebook does not display everything that we post to it, so it's really easy to miss one.

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