Putting in the Garden

The garden is in! Well, a good part of it is.

windy woods gang planting garden

The Windy Woods gang planting the garden

We might be taking a bit of a risk, actually, I'm certain we are taking a bit of a risk, but the warm weather over the last few weeks, combined with the really short growing season up north says do it!

Kristen picked up transplants from the local garden center Friday, and we spent the last of the daylight Friday evening getting them into the ground.

looking across the garden rows

Hard at work, it was a warm day

We planted three varieties of tomato, big boy, early girl, and cherry.

garden plantPeppers, I believe those were large bell peppers, which we use a lot.

garden plantBroccoli, which the entire family adores, especially smothered in butter.

garden plantZucchini and summer squash, which means that Kristen will probably have to get imaginative to use all of it.

hip hingeCabbage, mmm … love our home-made sauerkraut.

cassidy mr spock

Cassidy doing her Mr. Spock impression

Watermelon and cantaloupe, for a few late summer treats.

garden plantingThere are still a few things I would like to see go in, but those will be from seed.

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