Frost Advisory and the Garden

May 15, 2015

So, I write this, post it, and we get a frost Wednesday night.  On the up side, the weather app I have on my iPad notified me of the frost warning, so we covered as much of it as we could with plastic.plastic over garden
You can't really see it in the picture, but I took this early Thursday morning, and the sheet of plastic is frosted.

When I first went outside Thursday morning to milk the goats, I looked at it, and it was still just wet.  I also checked a few leaves, and they were wet.

An hour or so later, and frost over everything, this is shortly after sunrise.

I snapped a few pictures with my phone, sadly, I don't think you can really see the frost on the leaves in them.

frosted broccoli If I'm not mistaken, this is broccoli.

frosted tomatoI have high hopes that there was no permanent damage.  It was a light frosting on everything, and not long-lasting, as the sun was up when I took these pictures, and all the frost was gone very shortly after.

uncovered tomatoThis tomato wasn't covered with plastic, and appears to not have gotten any frost.

PvhXG7jAtEQ4jt9t.jpgThis broccoli was covered by the plastic.  It will be interesting to see if the ones that got protected from the frost do noticeably better than those that didn't.

Something else I noticed was, the peppers, which I didn't manage to get covered for the  most part, all appeared to have no frost.



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