Dairy Goats and Bramble

May 21, 2015

I'm feeling a bit guilty this morning, my dairy goats' udders have scratches all over them.

dair goat kid Mr. Spock

Mr. Spock looking cute staring at me

I don't recall there ever being an issue last year, but I suppose it's possible that the areas we had previously penned them weren't as overgrown with blackberry bramble.

It seems kind of counter to our goal of using the goats to clear brush, to have to go out and mow the brush before penning them there.

If the kids were older, I would consider separate pens, one for the kids that I don't clear brush, and another for the milking does where brush had already been cleared.

Now the issue is, where can I get a brush mower, cheap.

Or, can I rent one. The issue with rentals is the same as the thought of renting a powered wood splitter, then you have to plan on doing a huge amount of splitting in a short time period.

What I really need is more of a weed whacker with a brush blade. I do have a weed whacker, but it's electric, and not appropriate for attaching a blade to.

What I would actually like, I think, is a good scythe. Problem is, the ones I've looked at that I think would actually work, are as expensive as one of the cheaper weed whackers with a brush blade.

Additionally, I'm not really sure that I would like using a scythe in the long run.

For now I guess I'll stick to using my cheap lawn mower, cutting down the bigger brush manually before running it over the area.

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