Kidding Time & Spring Cleaning

April 15, 2016

It's time for spring cleaning and kidding here in Windy woods.

Our queen doe Bella has already had her triplets, two doelings and a buckling. I'll put up a few pictures of that, as well as embed some videos.

bella and her kidsKristen and I were discussing the livestock arrangements a while back, and it occurred to me that we've been housing them in a poor fashion. We don't have a lot of livestock, really. This winter, we had 11 laying hens, 3 does, a buck, and a wether. That comes to 11 chickens, 5 goats.

I had put the chickens in the garage this year, because we really want to start using the greenhouse to grow stuff, and you have to let it “cure” after using it to house chickens.

That's what made me think … why not put the goats in the garage too. I could partition off a goat pen area, as well as a chicken coop area, and everyone would keep each other a little warmer in the smaller space.

clover and lillisetteSo, once the weather warmed up a bit the kids and I went out and scrubbed the garage (it did have chickens in it after all, they're messy).

We moved everything that had been stored in the garage to the barn, and then put nailed up a couple of cattle panels, and clipped a couple more into place, and moved the does in.

Then, old man winter moved back in, and pretty much all outside work stopped.

However, this part was complete just in time, because it was less than a week later that Bella kidded, on my birthday actually. One thing we learned the hard way last year was that the does should be separated during kidding time.

It's still a work in progress, because I do think we also need to find a way to keep the kids from slipping through the cattle panels. I'm not too worried now because only Bella has kidded, and she's the kid killer, not Clover or Lillisette. Bella, however, is the queen of the herd and we're pretty sure that she's why we lost 2 of Clovers kids last year. I do not want Clovers kids wandering over into Bella's pen.

Bella's kids, however, have been freely wandering between pens with no problems at all.

Spring Cleaning Part 2

Yesterday, spring decided to make a reappearance, yay!

So, back outside, this time the kids and I cleaned out the pole barn.

deep litter bettingCompletely disassembled the pallet pens and mucked it all out. We use a deep litter bedding system, this is great because it means no mucking all winter, but a LOT of work in the spring to haul out the already composting bedding. It was about 2 feet deep.

A lot of work with pitchfork and shovel, but it's done, and we've moved both vehicles to the pole barn, so if old man winter comes back, no load of snow to clean off of either one.

Spring Cleaning Part 3

deep litter and chickensToday we moved the chicken coop down next to the pile of deep litter bedding we removed from the barn, and put the electronet fencing up. The chickens are in heaven, and will spend the next week or so sifting through and turning the compost for us.

wood pileAlso got another half a cord of wood split, and the children have started their outside yard cleaning, weeding the rock gardens, etc.

Kidding Time Part 2

Clover is again making noises like she might be going to kid tonight, so there may be more news to come.


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Scott Burgess

Quick update, no kids from Clover yet.

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