Working with Workboxes

March 25, 2018

One of the things I’ve been focusing on with our homeschool is getting things to move smoothly without my direct involvement. Part of this is because as a student midwife, there’s a possibility that I could get called to a birth and need school to keep rolling without me. And part of it is that […]

Trying Technology in Our Homeschool

At this point we have quite a few kids and a lot of levels in our homeschool: 9th grade 7th grade 5th grade 2nd grade Kindergarten 2 preschoolers I have gone back-and-forth quite a bit in the last several years to try and find things that fit and work for our homeschool. After having a […]

Together Time

I’ve been wanting to write about homeschooling somewhere and Scott said he didn’t mind if I put it here.  So you’ll probably get some non-farm related babble here, unless a school project happens to involve the farm (and many do 😉 )  Side note: many pics at the end of this post 😀 Tweaks and Changes […]

A Tentative Spring

I feel like there’s finally hope of spring coming. Our chickens have laid an egg! One egg, but it brings with it the hope of so much more. I’ve been scarce on the blog because I spent a lot of time working on my natural birth website. Then I needed to spend a lot of […]

The Hoophouse

October 28, 2013

Our hoophouse is finally standing! It’s actually been up for a couple of weeks and was in construction for a couple of weeks before that. As per usual, though, we’ve been really busy so I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write. Right now we still need to trim the excess plastic and […]

Visiting the Puppies

September 18, 2013

A couple of weeks ago we found out that a farm near us had buyers for their Great Pyrenees litter fall through. That means a chance for us to get a puppy has opened up. We went to visit the farm about a week ago and had an enjoyable time. My favorite part was, of […]

On Quotes and Sales People

As I've mentioned before, I'm incredibly shy. It's hard for me to make phone calls and get in contact with people. I greatly prefer email, and go with that whenever possible. But when dealing with all of these quotes and farm needs, emails are not always possible. We've been considering at least three major purchases […]

Green Manure

It sounds kind of strange, the term “green manure,” but it's really a golden concept. They call animal manure “black gold” because it has magical properties for land that needs help. Green manure is green gold – and it's not because it generates cash. Green manure is plant material that can be used to revitalize […]