Dairy Goats and Bramble

May 21, 2015

I’m feeling a bit guilty this morning, my dairy goats’ udders have scratches all over them. I don’t recall there ever being an issue last year, but I suppose it’s possible that the areas we had previously penned them weren’t as overgrown with blackberry bramble. It seems kind of counter to our goal of using […]

Putting in the Garden

The garden is in! Well, a good part of it is. We might be taking a bit of a risk, actually, I’m certain we are taking a bit of a risk, but the warm weather over the last few weeks, combined with the really short growing season up north says do it!

Taking the Goats to the Barn for Milking

May 7, 2015

Just a quick post tonight to put up short video of the nightly running of the goats to the barn for milking. I was hoping for a little more of the kids kicking up their heels, but there was a little of that. You may notice, there’s a sheep in the mix.

The Kids Have Been Named

May 5, 2015

It was a quiet weekend in Windy Woods, the elder children were all off at a 4H event all day Saturday, leaving me with just Honor and Corwin. We had a good time cleaning out the temporary pen that I had put into the pole barn. This was basically the first hoop coop that I […]

A Lesson in Chainsaw Chains

I finally got around to seeing about having my chainsaw chains professionally sharpened. I now have three of them, the one that came with the saw, one purchased at Tractor Supply Company, and one purchased through Amazon. All three chains look pretty much the same to me, and I was given the impression that they […]

Hard Livestock Lesson

April 14, 2015

It was a sad day Sunday here in Windy Woods. When I went out to take care of our goats, I found another doeling dead. This will definitely constitute a hard learned livestock lesson. Windy Woods is currently a very small dairy operation, so I had been feeling pretty good that we had two new […]

Chickens Deliver Unexpected Surprise

March 31, 2015

I haven’t talked much about the chickens of late, but then I haven’t been finding them all that exciting. Sunday the chickens suddenly started laying eggs. I know, I know, laying eggs is what chickens are supposed to do, but honestly, since these chickens are over two years old, I really didn’t expect it. What […]