Hey! What Happened to Spring?

Forget what I said the other day about spring. Not only has the temperature dropped back below freezing, the ground is refreezing, and it’s snowing out there as I type. I’m not in the least surprised, but what else is there for a farmer to talk about sometimes?

Preparing to Fence

Now that the ground is starting to thaw, it’s time to begin thinking about setting up our first fenced pasture. Cassidy’s math book recently gave me a piece of information that will be very useful for this project. This is the fact. The rectangle with the greatest area is a square. It’s easy enough to […]

How Much Wood Does Windy Woods Need

March 3, 2015

Quick answer, more than I had ready for this winter. This will be our third winter in Windy Woods, and for the third winter, we have run out of cut and split firewood before spring has warmed up enough to make the stove unnecessary. I'm beginning to think that no matter how much I have […]