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How to comment on a blog post

How do you make a good comment? This is something many people do not do. They make bad comments that do not look, or sound good. So, today I am going to tell you how to make a good comment. Use good punctuation. When you make a comment, make sure you use good punctuation. Start […]

About myself

Hello. My name is Asher Burgess. I live in the middle of the country out in Michigan. I made my avatar a funny man on a motorcycle because I like dirt bikes. I have done a lamb as a 4H project for 3 years. My lamb’s names were Iroha, Ulmia, and Yoshi. I like dirt […]

My First Lamb

Hello, My name is Asher and I am going to talk about my 4-H project for this year. My project for this year is a sheep. I got my sheep in April in the evening on a Thursday. It was very windy when we got there and quite cold. We then went into the barn […]