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Let’s Comment!

Hi, everyone! This week we’re learning how to comment on blog posts! The video below will show you how, and I’ll give you some quick pointers on what makes a good comment. To Make a Good Comment: “This a great post!” is not a good comment. It is not helpful or informative. A good comment […]

Start the Challenge!

Hi, I’m Cassidy, as you know. I’m an artist, a writer, a fashion designer, and a cowgirl. I’m planning to attend Hillsdale College in a couple of years, where I’m going to major in theatre and minor in journalism. I do 4H, and I raise Jr. Beef. I’ve been doing it for three years now, […]

A Fair-ly Busy Week

Guess what? The Northwest Michigan Fair is August 8th-15th.  I am super nervous. I have to get all decorations finished, make my bread recipe, and finish training Selh’teus. On the Friday before Fair, me and my fellow club members will be decorating our stalls. What about showing Sele’teus? I will be showing Selh’teus twice. Once […]

Calf in the Goat Pen Moo moo!

All right, first things first. I got my calf about a month ago. His name is Selh’teus. He is an Angus/Limousin cross, a blackish brown color and quite big for his age.  Selh’teus is beautiful! The first two weeks…. When I first got Selh’teus, the farmer had just taken him off his mother. We tried […]

A Quick 4-H Update

Last Saturday (5/16/15) there was a 4-H work bee at the Fair grounds. My club (Country Critter Ranchers) was assigned to painting da da DUM fence posts! First, we scraped the paint off the posts with a wire brush.  After that we painted the posts white. We did the same thing on the second arena. […]

What Are Little Girls Made of? Star Trek and 4-H

Let’s start the very beginning….introductions! My name is Cassidy, and, as you all know I live at the Windy Woods farm. At 13, I’m the eldest child of the kids (no, not the goat kids!). My hobbies are reading, writing, and drawing manga, Star Trek (we’re currently watching the original series), kite flying (that is until until a tree ate it. Thank […]