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Let’s Comment!

Hi, everyone! This week we’re learning how to comment on blog posts! The video below will show you how, and I’ll give you some quick pointers on what makes a good comment. To Make a Good Comment: “This a great post!” is not a good comment. It is not helpful or informative. A good comment […]

How to comment

Hello I’m going to tell you how to comment on a post. It is pretty easy to do I’m also going to tell you somethings you can do to make your comment better. Complement the writer you should say something like. I think this post is great I liked how you wrote about that video […]

How to comment on a blog post

How do you make a good comment? This is something many people do not do. They make bad comments that do not look, or sound good. So, today I am going to tell you how to make a good comment. Use good punctuation. When you make a comment, make sure you use good punctuation. Start […]

About myself

Hello. My name is Asher Burgess. I live in the middle of the country out in Michigan. I made my avatar a funny man on a motorcycle because I like dirt bikes. I have done a lamb as a 4H project for 3 years. My lamb’s names were Iroha, Ulmia, and Yoshi. I like dirt […]

About me

Hello my name is Brennan Burgess. I am twelve years old and live in Michigan. I like Ham radio, Computer and Programing. I do chickens for 4-H my family started doing 4-H in 2014. I got reserve grand champion in 2017. I chose my Avatar because I like computers and I thought he looked cute. […]

Start the Challenge!

Hi, I’m Cassidy, as you know. I’m an artist, a writer, a fashion designer, and a cowgirl. I’m planning to attend Hillsdale College in a couple of years, where I’m going to major in theatre and minor in journalism. I do 4H, and I raise Jr. Beef. I’ve been doing it for three years now, […]

My First Lamb

Hello, My name is Asher and I am going to talk about my 4-H project for this year. My project for this year is a sheep. I got my sheep in April in the evening on a Thursday. It was very windy when we got there and quite cold. We then went into the barn […]

A Fair-ly Busy Week

Guess what? The Northwest Michigan Fair is August 8th-15th.  I am super nervous. I have to get all decorations finished, make my bread recipe, and finish training Selh’teus. On the Friday before Fair, me and my fellow club members will be decorating our stalls. What about showing Sele’teus? I will be showing Selh’teus twice. Once […]