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Calf, Sheep, Chicks, and Goats, Oh My!

The children have all begun their 4H projects now, Cassidy’s calf and Brennan’s chicks all arrived on the same day. So, here in Windy Woods we now have a calf, sheep, chicks, laying hens and goats. I’ve avoided talking about their projects because I want them to be able to post about them, and me […]

Lost the Garden

Well, it’s official, we’ve completely lost the entire garden.  I’m going to classify this entire experience as a hard lesson learned. I think we’ve also lost our entire apple and pear crop for this year too. Last week we had 3 days in a row of sub-freezing temperatures overnight.  This killed everything in the garden, […]

Putting in the Garden

The garden is in! Well, a good part of it is. We might be taking a bit of a risk, actually, I’m certain we are taking a bit of a risk, but the warm weather over the last few weeks, combined with the really short growing season up north says do it!

A Lesson in Chainsaw Chains

I finally got around to seeing about having my chainsaw chains professionally sharpened. I now have three of them, the one that came with the saw, one purchased at Tractor Supply Company, and one purchased through Amazon. All three chains look pretty much the same to me, and I was given the impression that they […]

Preparing to Fence

Now that the ground is starting to thaw, it’s time to begin thinking about setting up our first fenced pasture. Cassidy’s math book recently gave me a piece of information that will be very useful for this project. This is the fact. The rectangle with the greatest area is a square. It’s easy enough to […]

New Dishwasher Arrives

The new dishwasher has arrived.  No, that’s not Sadie Grace, though I do expect she’ll do her share of dishes for the family at some point. One thing about having the sink’s outflow drain pipe freeze a couple of weeks ago was, I got  to noticing just how yucky the unused dishwasher was. I’m not […]

The Best $100 I Ever Spent

February 19, 2015

No, this isn’t an advertisement, though it might sound like it.  A few months ago I was chatting with a buddy, and happened to mention that I wished there were such a thing as a manual hydraulic wood splitter.  Dang, but I wish I had said something along these lines ages ago, because he immediately […]

Spring Chores are Beginning

Mailbox First up on my spring chores list was to replace the mailbox post. I’ve considered writing a rant post about the county plow that took it out this winter, but really, I’m not mad at the plow driver, I’m certain it’s difficult to avoid taking out mailboxes. Especially when the snow was as heavy […]

The Hoophouse

October 28, 2013

Our hoophouse is finally standing! It’s actually been up for a couple of weeks and was in construction for a couple of weeks before that. As per usual, though, we’ve been really busy so I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write. Right now we still need to trim the excess plastic and […]

Visiting the Puppies

September 18, 2013

A couple of weeks ago we found out that a farm near us had buyers for their Great Pyrenees litter fall through. That means a chance for us to get a puppy has opened up. We went to visit the farm about a week ago and had an enjoyable time. My favorite part was, of […]