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Blue Racers, Goat Videos and More

It’s been a busy spring here in Windy Woods. Doing a lot outdoors. I learn something new every day around here, and every year for that matter.  For example, this year I’ve learned the children don’t believe their sandbox is deep enough. Turkey’s are apparently variable in their “territory”. We’ve recently had a flock decide […]

Two Minute Dose of Cuteness

April 26, 2016

I like to get the goats out and browsing as soon as possible in the spring. Clover’s kids aren’t quite as good (yet) at satelliting as Bella’s are, but they are ten days younger. It’s fun to watch them dash around the yard as their mama’s browse the new grass. Goats aren’t really “grass” eaters, […]

A Fair-ly Busy Week

Guess what? The Northwest Michigan Fair is August 8th-15th.  I am super nervous. I have to get all decorations finished, make my bread recipe, and finish training Selh’teus. On the Friday before Fair, me and my fellow club members will be decorating our stalls. What about showing Sele’teus? I will be showing Selh’teus twice. Once […]

Changing the Landscape of Windy Woods

July 10, 2015

The pace of life here in Windy Woods has really picked up. As anyone who’s been keeping up knows, the children who are in 4H have all gotten their animals now, and they have been integrated with the rest of the livestock. The 256 sq. ft. pen needs to be moved approximately every 2 days.  […]

Calf in the Goat Pen Moo moo!

All right, first things first. I got my calf about a month ago. His name is Selh’teus. He is an Angus/Limousin cross, a blackish brown color and quite big for his age.  Selh’teus is beautiful! The first two weeks…. When I first got Selh’teus, the farmer had just taken him off his mother. We tried […]

Calf, Sheep, Chicks, and Goats, Oh My!

The children have all begun their 4H projects now, Cassidy’s calf and Brennan’s chicks all arrived on the same day. So, here in Windy Woods we now have a calf, sheep, chicks, laying hens and goats. I’ve avoided talking about their projects because I want them to be able to post about them, and me […]

Lost the Garden

Well, it’s official, we’ve completely lost the entire garden.  I’m going to classify this entire experience as a hard lesson learned. I think we’ve also lost our entire apple and pear crop for this year too. Last week we had 3 days in a row of sub-freezing temperatures overnight.  This killed everything in the garden, […]

Dairy Goats and Bramble

May 21, 2015

I’m feeling a bit guilty this morning, my dairy goats’ udders have scratches all over them. I don’t recall there ever being an issue last year, but I suppose it’s possible that the areas we had previously penned them weren’t as overgrown with blackberry bramble. It seems kind of counter to our goal of using […]