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Spring is in the Air

February 26, 2015

One of the facts of the farm is that livestock needs to eat.  Today was my trip to the feed store, which brought home the fact that spring really is right around the corner. Apparently “Chick Days” have begun at Tractor Supply.  I took the opportunity to snap a few shots of cuteness to share. […]

The New Additions – Meet Bella and Clover

June 10, 2014

I mentioned in my earlier post that we’ve been busy here in Windy Woods for the last month or so.  So much so that I’ve neglected posting anything, so now you’ll likely get a flurry of posts. This event happened prior to the previous chicken carnage post, but was shortly overshadowed by it.  May 18th […]

Livestock Lesson – Fox Among the Hens

There’s been a lot happening in Windy Woods since my last post.  I’m going to start with a hard lesson we’ve learned in this post. Back on May 28th, Kristen came home from running errands in town to find a chicken carcass out by our log pile. My first thought on hearing about this was […]

Spring Chores are Beginning

Mailbox First up on my spring chores list was to replace the mailbox post. I’ve considered writing a rant post about the county plow that took it out this winter, but really, I’m not mad at the plow driver, I’m certain it’s difficult to avoid taking out mailboxes. Especially when the snow was as heavy […]

Heavy Snowfall & Wintertime Blah’s

Okay, I admit it, I’m ready for spring. This winter has been tough enough that I’m seriously considering moving south. Tennessee is looking better every day.  I still want to be far enough north to have winter, but would prefer a slightly shorter version of it. As you can see from the picture of our […]

Chicken Coop Building in Greenhouse

November 20, 2013

Where I ramble on about progress on the chicken coop I’ve been building inside the greenhouse, with pictures. I don’t know about other greenhouses, but in ours it is always raining. The chickens supplement their water by drinking the rivulets that flow down the inside walls. I just hope they don’t peck a hole in the walls doing this.

Rub a Dub Dub, Two Toddlers in a Puddle

OK, not very good, but it was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this. At least there were “boating” and not just splashing around in that icy puddle. I didn’t get as much work done last weekend as I had wanted, but I did manage to put an “egg door” […]

Our New Puppy

October 7, 2013

Altana has been with us for two weeks now and I haven’t managed to write a post in that long!!  Frankly I’ve been incredibly busy trying to save my website and business, and when things are going that way, you tend to neglect everything else.  Things are moving along now (though it’s too early to […]