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Windy Day at Windy Woods

Windy woods really lived up to it's name yesterday. It was a scorcher too, so the wind was welcome for it's cooling effect. I'm very thankful for lack of wildfire in the area though, as with that wind, it would have ripped through the homestead quickly, it's been so hot and dry. We've noticed that […]

Map of Windy Woods

I’ve been playing around with a relatively new tool in Google Maps, the ability to make your own “map”. If I’ve done this correctly, there should be an embedded map on this page of what I’ve done. I also hope that as I make changes to this map, it updates automatically, especially since I already […]

Early Morning Wildlife Adventures

I've been making it a habit on the weekends to take a walk with whichever child, or children get up early with me. It seems to be the best time to see some wildlife around the property. Yesterday my cohorts were Cassidy and Brennan. I decided to venture a little down the two–track onto State […]

Beautiful Overcast Sunday Morning

Things are starting to settle down into some routines after the move. One of the daily routines I’ve been attempting to maintain is a walk around the property. When I’m off work, I like to do it first thing in the morning while it’s cool, and the air is fairly still. This morning Cassidy and […]

Hello World …

As this is my first post, I thought I would use the old standby as a title, besides, Kristen is already reserved the title “It’s a done deal, Bear” for herself. It’s official, Windy Woods is ours. We closed this morning. The deed is signed, and on it’s way to the register of Deeds. I’m […]