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Blue Racers, Goat Videos and More

It’s been a busy spring here in Windy Woods. Doing a lot outdoors. I learn something new every day around here, and every year for that matter.  For example, this year I’ve learned the children don’t believe their sandbox is deep enough. Turkey’s are apparently variable in their “territory”. We’ve recently had a flock decide […]

Speaking of Fencing

I think it’s time to drag the electronet fencing out of the rafters.  The chickens are insisting on “escaping” from the greenhouse. I basically think the inside of the greenhouse is just too warm for them now, one of the things I’ve learned in the last 2 years of chickens is, too hot is a […]

Livestock Lesson – Fox Among the Hens

There’s been a lot happening in Windy Woods since my last post.  I’m going to start with a hard lesson we’ve learned in this post. Back on May 28th, Kristen came home from running errands in town to find a chicken carcass out by our log pile. My first thought on hearing about this was […]

Reddy Fox Visits Windy Woods

Oh how I wish I had gotten a picture of this one. Sunday evening I was exhausted, it had been a busy day of chipping and shredding, so I went to bed a little early. About 9:30 Kristen comes in and wakes me, worried about a sound she was hearing. If you’ve ever heard a […]

Early Morning Wildlife Adventures

I've been making it a habit on the weekends to take a walk with whichever child, or children get up early with me. It seems to be the best time to see some wildlife around the property. Yesterday my cohorts were Cassidy and Brennan. I decided to venture a little down the two–track onto State […]