A Lesson in Chainsaw Chains

I finally got around to seeing about having my chainsaw chains professionally sharpened. I now have three of them, the one that came with the saw, one purchased at Tractor Supply Company, and one purchased through Amazon. All three chains look pretty much the same to me, and I was given the impression that they […]

Hard Livestock Lesson

April 14, 2015

It was a sad day Sunday here in Windy Woods. When I went out to take care of our goats, I found another doeling dead. This will definitely constitute a hard learned livestock lesson. Windy Woods is currently a very small dairy operation, so I had been feeling pretty good that we had two new […]

Baby Goats Arrive

April 9, 2015

It’s been an exciting week in Windy Woods.  Clover kidded early Tuesday morning, and Bella kidded late into the night Tuesday night.  We now have five wobbly baby goats!  Three bucks and two does. Clover was tricky and showed no signs of imminent kidding Monday night, but had delivered three does before I went out […]

Chickens Deliver Unexpected Surprise

March 31, 2015

I haven’t talked much about the chickens of late, but then I haven’t been finding them all that exciting. Sunday the chickens suddenly started laying eggs. I know, I know, laying eggs is what chickens are supposed to do, but honestly, since these chickens are over two years old, I really didn’t expect it. What […]

Hey! What Happened to Spring?

Forget what I said the other day about spring. Not only has the temperature dropped back below freezing, the ground is refreezing, and it’s snowing out there as I type. I’m not in the least surprised, but what else is there for a farmer to talk about sometimes?  The weather.

It’s Early Spring in Windy Woods

Not much happening in Windy Woods this week.  Biggest thing this weekend was cutting and splitting wood. I think I have enough cut and split now to finish out the cold for this winter.  After all, it is officially spring.  The sun is now slightly north of straight east and west. I did take advantage […]

Speaking of Fencing

I think it’s time to drag the electronet fencing out of the rafters.  The chickens are insisting on “escaping” from the greenhouse. I basically think the inside of the greenhouse is just too warm for them now, one of the things I’ve learned in the last 2 years of chickens is, too hot is a […]

Preparing to Fence

Now that the ground is starting to thaw, it’s time to begin thinking about setting up our first fenced pasture. Cassidy’s math book recently gave me a piece of information that will be very useful for this project. This is the fact. The rectangle with the greatest area is a square. It’s easy enough to […]

New Dishwasher Arrives

The new dishwasher has arrived.  No, that’s not Sadie Grace, though I do expect she’ll do her share of dishes for the family at some point. One thing about having the sink’s outflow drain pipe freeze a couple of weeks ago was, I got  to noticing just how yucky the unused dishwasher was. I’m not […]

How Much Wood Does Windy Woods Need

March 3, 2015

Quick answer, more than I had ready for this winter. This will be our third winter in Windy Woods, and for the third winter, we have run out of cut and split firewood before spring has warmed up enough to make the stove unnecessary. I'm beginning to think that no matter how much I have […]